Shoe Harvest is a small group of volunteers who provide NEW shoes to needy children. We are based out of Orlando, Florida and have been providing shoes to children throughout Central Florida for over 10 years. We obtain the shoes through "Shoe Harvest" drives and purchases made with donated funds. See our Donations page for more information on donating.

     To determine valid needs, and how we can best satisfy those needs, we work through Social Workers and Directors in homeless shelters, women’s residence shelters, Head Start centers, and local schools.  We explain our mission, and ask them to fax or email our standardized form containing shoe size, first name, gender, age, race (a statistic gathered for possible future funding), and a class or room number for each child in their facility for whom they are requesting shoes.   Generally, we receive this information back within 2-3 days of contacting a social worker. 

     We fill requests from social workers by matching gender and size to our supply and labeling that specific pair of shoes with the facility, room, child’s name, and size sent.  As our supply shrinks, we sometimes send shoes a half-size larger than requested. Social workers are asked to come to us to pick up filled requests.  They are instructed to make sure the shoes fit correctly before releasing them to the child.  If the child is not available, shoes are not to be given, even to parents. Within a month of a major drive, nearly all shoes collected are on a child’s feet.  We continue to fill requests as soon as we have shoes available.